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the emphatic's firmament

welcome ! this website consists of my raw emotions, fascinations, digital finds, artwork,, as an attempt to make an online archive of my very being, to express myself purely, in a way that transpasses my own subconscious limitations. my depression and anxiety have severely hindered my willingness to let myself genuinely exist and coexist, take in and release, and my upbringing was one that thoroughly distorted my values and dreams. at this point, i aspire to use this website and creating in general as a tool that brings me closer to the core of my existence, to heal years gone of self-neglect, to prove to myself that i am capable of growth beyond what was made of me by others..!!!! !!!!!!!!!


It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

5/23/24: fuc dude . been so long. don't even kno how 2 react 2 thisshit no more!!!!!!!!!!!! peACE AND love to myself <3

1/20/24: holeee funkin shit has it been awhile lol uhh yeah so my brain melted and now its starting to solidify again so thats great i think . ! HERE is to this site becoming what i want it to be,,,, and being more consistent w all my creative endeavors

8/19/23: started working on my art page... a lot has happened so less time spent on here but still experimenting w pixel art... made some for my art page too..,

8/1/23: finally a banner :3 ik my site url doesn't match but bunnyguts is my user on quite a bit of platforms.. i mean, theres no rule the url has to match + added adopts section,,, joined my first pixel club :3 now im making pixel art woo!! its so fun

7/28/23: ooh it's been awhile. do i suck at logging things. solidified an about me page, still in the works, switched up my home page layout. been scavenging for graphics and dealing with life, but babys getting there :p

7/13/23: been around a month since i started working on this.. blog? or yet to be one.. havent added anything significant, just some digital trinkets here and there. a lots been happening in life, its almost too much but,, its nice to have an online sanctuary .

6/29/23: minor details added.. need2 work more on the art page..

6/20-22/23: added quite a bit made a banner? thinf, figuring out color scheme... i luv colors!!!!!!

6/17/23: started working on the art pageee.. damn who knew scroll bars cud b so confusing

6/16/23: neww auto scroll text thingy,,

6/14/23: added a corner 4 stamps,, some pixels, cleaned up my files.. looks sm better :D

6/13/23: tbh i added this today, a week after i began working on the site.. my memory is awful lol. i don't remember what i did each day but excited 2 keep track of it now..