abt me :p

will make a more cohesive about me in the near future. for now,.. here r some random things id like 2 share .

traits: intense but sweet, low social battery prone, intricately expressive, emotionally spontaneous, curious, experimental, subdued, softhearted

intrigued by: religion (unknown stance), le human mind, art + art history, philosophy, poetry, experimental/explorative media, early animations, roadkill, differences

general favorites: periwinkle, peach monster energy, mapo tofu ramen, creepy gorey stuff, fashion, the sky

favorite music genres: skramz, ambient experimental instrumentals, noise, blackgaze, techno, vaporwave, slowcore/emo, citypop

10v3d activities: jewelry making, researching, cloud/star gazing, playing dress-up, tattooing (stick and poke), journaling, relaxing with kitty friends, smoking weed, music (mainly fucking around with instruments (synths, guitar, my ..voice) i have yet to record something that isnt for a class), collecting stuff, going to music shows

10v3d media: its such a beautiful day, mindgame, vagabond, the taste of tea, paprika, berserk manga, masaan, adventure time

kinlist: L, rosalina, mizuro shirayuki, madotsuki, momo (the creepypasta), power, c2

10v3d videogames: silent hill games, deemo, stardew valley, yume nikki, to the moon, super mario galaxy, pokemon heartgold, ddlc

..when having subconsciously plunged myself into the depths of my mind, one of the few things that i find solace in is simply looking up at the sky. may it be saturated with feathery clouds or not, the sky allows my heart to feel connection in a way that most other aspects of nature cannot directly hand to me every second of my life. every soul gazes at it, and although it may look different, it is, nonetheless, the same sky. i love stars, i love the moon, i love everything that is purely beyond me and leaves me with no choice but to put faith in my connection to others.
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